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Mediation and Arbitration

In today’s business world, companies involved in disputes frequently look to alternatives to the expensive and unpredictable litigation process to resolve those disputes.

While alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can take many forms, the most commonly used vehicles are mediation and arbitration. Mediation is a process whereby an expert in dispute resolution assists the parties in their efforts to achieve a voluntary settlement, thereby controlling the outcome and avoiding the transactional costs of expensive litigation. Arbitration provides an adjudicated result, as does litigation, but is typically a significantly more streamlined and less expensive process. Moreover, arbitrators (or panel of arbitrators) are usually more sophisticated and experienced in the adjudication process than typical jurors.

The firm has several experienced litigators who have regularly served as mediators and arbitrators in a wide range of ADR activities including commercial, construction, and environmental disputes. Parties have included individuals, public and private businesses, governments, insurance companies, and professions including architects and engineers. Disputes have involved construction above and below ground; houses and commercial buildings; business contracts; insurance; environmental liability, remediation, and damages; and evidence and substantive and procedural law.

Mediation and Arbitration Team

James E. Braza, William A. Jennaro, Kevin J. Lyons, Thomas L. Schober

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